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Writing Books

Writing of the first book came about entirely by accident. I'd taken my traveller quitar on holiday (Grande Canaria) to write a few songs, but the noise from the bar below our flat was far too loud - it was impossible to write songs.

Faced with two weeks of sunbathing (I'm not very good at that) I spent some time on the internet on a computer in the hotel foyer. I'd always been interested in the weather and thought of introducing characters into the subject. The idea of a book came to mind. I searched on the net to see if anyone had written a similar book - there were none - the rest, as they say, is history.

Writing Songs

Everyone who knows me knows I'm not the greatest of singers; yes I can hold a tune, sing and write three part harmonies but the tone and control of my voice isn't good. I am told that I do write some interesting songs and this has always been my dilemma, how do I put my songs over to the public without killing them dead with my singing.

In order to get over this problem I enlisted the help of some friends and the group 'Koo°ler' is the result. Since then other people (Georgia, for example) have recorded some of my material.

In fact anyone is welcome to use my material so long as I am credited as the songwriter.

Playing Guitar

This is how it all started, by becoming a musician. I love playing backing guitar to a good voice. The two together are very powerful. I've never had the urge to play quitar solo - although I can.



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